Friday, 20 November 2009

Formal Hall Menus November 23rd to 29th

I'll start this post by explaining the sudden lack of content during the last seven days. Firstly, I forgot to leave the camera with the kitchen on Friday before leaving for the weekend, this didn't help. Secondly, I somehow twisted my knee early last week and instead of seeking medical attention I proceeded as if nothing was wrong. Now when you're young its easy to shrug of injury and 'get on with things', unfortunately when you're my age, (43) pain is not a sign to be ignored. By Sunday night, my knee had swelled to the size of a small watermelon and was refusing to move either forward or backwards! Monday was spent on crutches explaining my stupidity to my good-natured Doctor who proceeded to subscribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets. Four days on and I feel somewhat better, (albeit with a noticeable limp) and am back at work.

Why have I wasted several minutes of your life explaining all this to you? To tell the truth, I asked Nick our Head Chef to write the Formal Hall Menus you see below. This act of sharing is very difficult for me; I take great pride and pleasure in creating Formal Menus for you all to enjoy, and asking anyone else to write them is near impossible-nothing is ever right, the courses don’t flow, the dishes are misspelled etc, etc, etc. Poor Nick was not particularly overwhelmed with joy when earlier in the week I begged off menu duty, (he’s done them before and has a very good memory!).

Therefore, to end this poor piece of writing, I wish you the best of dining and I hope you enjoy Nick’s menus as much as you have mine.

Feast Night Formal Hall
Monday 23rd November

Amuse Bouche
Essence of Plum Tomato with Asparagus
Poached Salmon with Champagne Sabayon, Dill and Petit Pois
Braised Rump of Beef sous vide
With a spinach risotto and spring onions

V-Pea, Spinach, and Herb Risotto
With a Parmesan crisp
Poached Winter Fruits in Pomegranate Sangria
With puff pastry and elderflower ice cream

Feast Night Formal Hall
Tuesday 24th November

Minestrone Soup
With a sourdough and Parmesan croute
Sous vide Chump of Lamb
With pea pure, wilted lettuce, and fondant potato and Madeira Jus
Carrot Cake
With cream cheese frosting and raisin coulis
Dessert and Petit Fours

Feast Night Formal Hall
Wednesday 25th November

Amuse Bouche
Parmesan Cornet with Pea Sorbet
Salmon Tartare Tian
With micro herbs and lemon dressing

V-roasted field mushrooms with poached egg, spinach, and Hollandaise sauce
Five Spiced Rubbed Filet of Pork Sous Vide
With carrot and butternut squash puree, egg fried rice and blood orange gastrique

V- Egg Fried Rice with Asian Vegetable Pancakes
Caramelised Apple Tarte Tatin
With Vanilla Ice Cream

Formal Hall
Thursday 26th November

Wild Mushroom and Brie Soup
Baked Salted Cod with Roasted tomatoes, Chickpeas and Anchovy Dressing
Finished with sliced new potatoes

V-Spinach and Chestnut Mushroom Filo Parcel
- 0-
Chocolate Parfait
With a passion fruit and guava coulis

Formal Hall
Friday 27th November

Citrus Marinated Prawn Salad
V-Avocado Cocktail
- 0-
Braised belly of Pork sous vide
In a rich glaze with pomme de terre puree and wilted spinach

V-baked aubergine filled with petit ratatouille finished with a Parmesan glaze and pesto
Winterberry crumble
With vanilla Crème Analgise

Christmas Formal Hall
Saturday 28th November

Chicken Liver Parfait
With pear and sultan chutney and mixed leaf

V-roasted tomato soup
Roast Turkey Breast with Bacon wrapped Chipolata
Cranberry stuffing, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and baton carrots

(V)- Quorn and Roasted Vegetable Christmas Cracker
With vegetable nage
Traditional Christmas Pudding
With brandy sauce
Mince Pies and Coffee

Formal Hall
Sunday 29th November

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
With a chive oil
- 0-
Roast Free-Range Chicken with a Sage and Onion Stuffing
Château potatoes and roasted vegetables

V- Mushroom and sun blushed tomato tart with avocado and tomato salad
Warm Apple Pie
With pouring cream

Merry Christmas!