Thursday, 15 July 2010

Seikei High School Summer Programme Formal Hall Dinner 14th July

Both the School's name-Seikei,(sei ) meaning to make and (kei ) a path,and it's emblem- the peach , have their origins in the 130-volume work titled Historical Memoirs, written by Si-ma Qian in China some 2,100 years ago. Among the many people and historical events written about in this work is a man of great integrity named General Li, whom Si-ma Qian compares to a peach. Just as the sweetness of peaches attracts people, who create a path to the tree, General Li's virtue attracted people to him.

Cafeteria Menu Thursday 15th July

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Last night's Pembroke-Kings Summer School Dinner

Hello California!

A big hello to all the parents of the Californian summer school students staying at King's College and Pembroke. We are trying our best to feed your kids the most wonderful food that Pembroke has to offer!

Cafeteria Menu Wednesday 14th July

Monday, 12 July 2010

Cafeteria Menu Monday 12th July

Friday's Parlour Evening and a tribute to Ludmila

 Friday marked the last Parlour Evening organised by Ludmila du Bouchet, a Fellow of Pembroke College. Over the last two years, Ludmila has performed a wonderful job of organising the Fellow's Parlour Evenings, and as a result, making the catering departments job much easier! To mark the occasion we prepared a lovely and exciting menu!