Friday, 25 June 2010

Degree Day, Thursday 25th June 2010 (and the annual chef's race!)

7:30am on Degree Day 2010
 The gardens are peaceful and the birds are singing; the empty marquees are the only hint of the excitement to come! By 1:00pm 600+ guests and graduands will descend on the gardens for lunch, prior to the Graduation ceremony at The Senate House. In total, thirty catering staff will be on-hand to serve lunch and refreshments

Cafeteria Menu Friday 25th June

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Last Night's University of California Formal Hall

Last night we hosted two big events, the first being the leavers party hosted by The Master and Lady Dearlove in the Master's Lodge; this is an annual event held to wish farewell to our graduating students. The second big event, the first Formal dinner for the summer school students from California, was held is our historic Hall.

Tonight's Cafeteria Dinner Tuesday 22nd June

Tonight’s cafeteria dinner will be at the earlier times of 5.30pm to 6.30pm due to a large College function in Hall. We kindly ask all students to vacate the hall as early as possible, thus allowing the catering staff time to set-up the tables for dinner.

Many thanks,

David Harwood -Catering Manager

Cafeteria Menu Tuesday 22nd June

Monday, 21 June 2010

University of California Summer School Formal Hall Dinner Monday 21st June

UCSS 1 Formal Hall
Monday 21st June
Tempura of Monkfish
With apple and chicory salad, and chilli mango relish

(V) Tempura of Buffalo Mozzarella
With apple and chicory salad, and chilli mango relish
Chump of Spring Lamb
With pea puree, wilted lettuce, mint foam, lamb jus and Anna Potato

(V) Chickpea Pancakes with warm Caponata
Cantaloupe Melon Soup
With compressed watermelon, roasted strawberries and strawberry sorbet
Coffee and Mints

Welcome to the University of California Summer School 2010

A warm welcome to all the wonderful students from sunny California, we hope you have a great summer and enjoy your stay in Cambridge! I started writing Under Pressure at Pembroke in September 2009, and have since chronicled the daily life of food at this historic College. I hope you enjoy the food we serve during your stay, and enjoy sharing the passion we have for all things edible!

Cafeteria Menu Monday 21st June