Thursday, 26 August 2010

How we conserve our natural resources in the kitchens

An environmental awareness video from the Pembroke Kitchen.

Last Night's University of California Summer School Formal Hall (and the British weather)

Pembroke Chapel in the rain
University of California Summer Sessions (UCSS) have been established at Pembroke College for over thirty years. Most participants are juniors or seniors from the University of California, but students at other US universities are also welcome to apply.
Participants take two courses for credit from the approximately ten options on offer in each session. Courses are available in the arts, social sciences and humanities, and each comprises a combined lecture and seminar programme of 30 hours in total. The academic element is complemented by a varied programme of social and cultural activities, and the aim of the course is to provide students with a more profound insight into modern British life and culture than would be attained by the casual visitor.

Cafeteria Menu Thursday 26th August


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cafeteria Menu Wednesday 25th August

Last Night's Meiji and Waseda Programme Dinners (and Baseball Rivalry!)

Last night we hosted a dinner for the Meiji University, a private university in Tokyo and Kawasaki, founded in 1881 by three lawyers of the Meiji era, Kishimoto Tatsuo, Miyagi Kōzō, and Yashiro Misao.
The Meiji period, or Meiji era denotes the period in Japanese history during the 45-year reign of the Meiji Emperor (from 23 October 1868 to 30 July 1912). During this time, Japan began its modernization and rose to world power status. Meiji means 'Enlightened Rule'.