Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Pembroke College Chapel Choir Dinner Monday 17th May

Pembroke Chapel Choir is made up of an equal mix of graduates and undergraduates, largely from Pembroke, but with a welcome intake from other Colleges. The main service is Evensong on Sundays with occasional other services such as the Sung Eucharist each Term. Commitment to the Choir is kept at a minimum with just one practice on Wednesday evenings and another on Sunday afternoon before Evensong. The standard is nevertheless high (sight-reading skills essential), lifting up the worship of the congregation.

Weekend Highlights May 16-17

A few photos of the food from last weekend!

Honourary Fellows Lunch Saturday 15th May

On Saturday we played host to a special Honourary Fellows day at Pembroke. The culinary highlight of the day was a lunch served on high table. It would be rude to name names, but suffice to say, there were enough Knights present to form a Round Table!

Last Night's Formal Hall Friday 15th May

Friday night's menu required a trip to the garden centre in search of lavender. Also on the shopping list was rose geranium for use in Saturday's creme brulee.

Last Night's Formal Hall Thursday 14th May

Ahhhhh, I am so behind schedule with updating the food blog! I took a day off on Friday and I'm still trying to catch-up!

Cafeteria Menu Tuesday 18th May

Cafeteria Lunch Menu