Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brand new trays go missing- found in the GP along with several dozen missing glasses

As mentioned earlier in the week, we have just spent a small fortune replacing missing catering equipment, in fact our new blue trays were only delivered on Tuesday. Imagine then our shock to find three of the new trays already stored in the GP along with several dozen glasses and plates!

Please, please, please return all catering items as soon as you finish your meal, or we'll be forced to consider restrictions on food leaving the Hall.
Thank you


  1. It was the grads all along! Inflict light-hearted but humiliating punishment!

    Maybe plastic beakers to drink from.

  2. Perhaps the glasses were there for the sake of serving drinks before BA dinners. Or perhaps grads took their unfinished wine from the Barham dinner to the GP. Both are shocking crimes which catering couldn't have foreseen or prevented.

  3. Fortunately, we haven't had to resort to serving wine in water glasses(yet!)The Barham dinner...wasn't that 12 days ago? Sounds like plenty of time to walk from the GP to Hall....