Monday, 21 June 2010

Welcome to the University of California Summer School 2010

A warm welcome to all the wonderful students from sunny California, we hope you have a great summer and enjoy your stay in Cambridge! I started writing Under Pressure at Pembroke in September 2009, and have since chronicled the daily life of food at this historic College. I hope you enjoy the food we serve during your stay, and enjoy sharing the passion we have for all things edible!

During your stay, you can log-on and view the daily cafeteria menus, as well as the special Formal Hall menus we'll be serving regularly throughout the summer. As well as the menus, you'll also find photos of recent dinners, and descriptions of the food. Below are just a few of the dishes we've served during June.

Rump of Lamb sous vide with pomegranate jus and couscous
Asparagus mayonnaise with pancetta and duck egg
Roasted pepper terrine
Mackerel with gooseberries
Honey roast duck with confit salad
Strawberries and rhubarb
Smoked fish and saffron potato terrine
Salmon pastrami with sour dough bread
Prime rib
Tirimisu with white coffee ice cream
petit fours
Bon Appetite!

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