Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pembroke College Hockey Club Dinner 10th March

Typing guinea fowl, goat’s cheese, and hockey into the Google search engine this morning didn't reveal the mind-blowing trivia I had hoped for. As luck had it on Wednesday, when researching the history of badminton, prior to writing about the previous evening’s Badminton dinner, I found the India/red pepper/badminton link that helped to steer that article back to it’s main subject, the menu.
Today I had to dig deeper, and dig I did; all the way to the Canadian men’s Olympic ice hockey team, and what they ate 11 days before winning the gold medal at this years winter Olympics.
According to, Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine, the men’s Olympic team dined at db Bistro Moderne on the evening of February 17th, eleven days before lifting the gold medal. Arriving in an unmarked white bus, the team tucked into a family style buffet of duck pate en croute, duck prosciutto and the house’s signature “Chop Chop” salad (don’t ask).

Canada's Ladie's and Men's 2010 Olympic Gold Medal winning teams

Last night’s Pembroke Hockey Club dinner was in celebration of our very own men’s and women’s teams who compete on grass, not ice. Field hockey differs from ice hockey in several ways (other than the obvious). One of the major differences between field hockey and ice hockey is the size and shape of the stick used. In field hockey, the sizes of the stick range in length from 26 to 38 inches, depending on the height of the player. In ice hockey, the lengths of the sticks are based on a measurement taken from a player's nose to the ground. Uniforms are also very different, with field hockey played with next to no protection at all.

Fortunately, a layer of puff pastry, specially designed to prevent burning of the puck shaped onion ring, protected last night’s goat’s cheese and red onion Tarte Tatin;-) This lovely starter, obviously chosen for its hockey(ish) shape was served with mixed leaves and balsamic syrup.
Following on from the puckish starter, we served guinea fowl with broccoli, Dauphinoise potatoes and rosemary jus. Vegetarians were served a risotto of ceps and Parmesan.

To finish the dinner we served sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce, the same dessert that the Sidmouth Hockey Club will be enjoying at their end of season dinner on Saturday 27th March, along with the chicken they'll be having as a main course. A big thanks to Google for discovering that link!
A quick hockey joke to leave you with.

A famous hockey coach goes to heaven, where he puts together a team of history's greatest players.

God (the really first hockey player) decides he'd like to play a friendly game against the team from hell.

He phones the devil and asks, "Are you interested in a game of hockey?"

"Why not?" replies the devil. "I'm warning you, though. You'll never win."

"Well, we have the best players of all time!" says God.

"I know," says the devil.

"But we have all the umpires!"

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