Monday, 26 June 2017

THE MENU 26/06

Simply Pembroke Lunch Price
Chilli, garlic and thyme marinated chicken brochette with mango salsa £3.90
Simply Pembroke Dinner Price
Pork, butterbean and courgette casserole £3.65
Pembroke Catering Lunch Allergens Price
Maple glazed salmon with wilted spinach Fish £4.10
Spaghetti with spinach, asparagus and cream sauce (V) Gluten (Wheat), Milk £2.75
Vegetable tempura with rice and teriyaki sauce (V) Gluten (Wheat), Soya £2.75
Pembroke Catering Dinner Allergens Price
Cod and spinach yellow curry Fish £3.90
Baked aubergine and ricotta rolls (V) Milk £2.75
All side orders are home-made, allergen free and vegan friendly
Roasted peas and mushrooms with roasted garlic £1.00
Sautéed peppers and courgettes with chilli £1.00
Wild rice with black eyed beans, yellow peppers and basil £1.00
Cajun style roasted sweet potato £1.00

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