Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Chestnut Stuffed Four Story Hills Farm Chicken with Celery and Honey Poached Cranberries- The Dinner

This post is meant to be an opportunity to show the Four Story Hills Farm Chicken dish from Under Pressure, we cooked this dish tonight for 24 VIP guests. I described the chicken dish in yesterday's post so I won't repeat myself now, other then to say it tasted great!
To begin tonight's meal we served citrus marinated salmon with orange confit and pea shoot coulis from The French Laundry Cookbook. The salmon was cured with citrus zest, salt and sugar for 3 hours. Tonight we confited the salmon in olive oil at 38 C for 10 minutes; this is one awesome dish, tastes and looks incredible!

Then came the chicken, great dish but needs many hands to plate quickly.

And to finish the meal we served poached fruits in a warm pomegranate sangria with honey ice cream. This great dish came from the cookbook Pier by Greg Doyle; Pier is reputed to be the best seafood restaurant in Australia and is situated in Rose Bay NSW.

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