Friday, 13 November 2009

Pembroke Chefs Competition Winner

Pembroke Chefs Competition Results

Ioana 10
Darina 4
Sasa 2
Shane 2
Victoria 2
Nick 2
Tomasz 1

The Winner!
Ioana Cozma

Thank you to everyone who voted for the best Pembroke dish from this years University Culinary Competition. Below are the comments that helped decide the winner.

Chris Hinde said...

Let's kick off the voting - what a stunning selection! Clearly the creativity of our chefs knows no bounds. After a good deal of consideration, my vote goes to the Selection of Lamb by Sasa Williams.

The dish presents a tempting 'chocolate box' of colours and shapes, and I particularly like the delicate display of perfectly-presented vegetables alongside.

07 NOVEMBER 2009 23:03

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to the Loin of Tuna by Ioana Cozma: the plate looks fresh, simple and uncluttered and sounds absolutely delicious!

09 NOVEMBER 2009 12:06

Liz said...

The poached pear by Shane Miller looks absolutely fabulous; modern, exciting, but most of all appetising!

Any chance of getting that (or a modified version of it) at formal? Pretty please?!

09 NOVEMBER 2009 14:44

Anonymous said...

my vote goes to the "Assiette of Seafood" by Tomasz Kowal, I'd love to try that!

09 NOVEMBER 2009 15:07

Charlotte said...

For presentation, Nick Rose's "Strawberries and Chocolate" - what a stunning design!

For flavour, the most appealing is Selection of Risotto by Ioana Cozma. Presentation is also good for this one but it's the combination of flavours that sound particularly wonderful. Can we have some risottos like these in hall please?!

09 NOVEMBER 2009 15:39

Alex said...

I'm voting for the Selection of Tea Cakes by Tomasz Kowal; it may not be as fancy as some of the other dishes, but it's down to earth and the one I'd most like to try. :)

09 NOVEMBER 2009 22:46

Anonymous said...

If we're having to vote by presentation, I reckon Assiette of Chocolate by Darina Stoyanova wins, although it's a tough call...

09 NOVEMBER 2009 23:45

Anonymous said...

Loin of tuna - looks delicious!

10 NOVEMBER 2009 09:20

Anonymous said...

I vote for Creme Brulee by Victoria Mayhew. Looks delicious and a very well presented plate.

10 NOVEMBER 2009 12:41

Anonymous said...

I vote for Loin of Venison wrapped in Parma Ham by Darina Stoyanova - it's making me absolutely starving looking at it and the presentation looks great!

11 NOVEMBER 2009 15:49

Gareth Powell said...

The loin of tuna looks fabulous - very well presented, simple, yet with a lovely flourish with the small green leaves and fennel. Reminds me of something I had at Arbetus. Well done.

11 NOVEMBER 2009 15:51

emma said...

there's a lot of brilliant stuff in there, but i keep coming back to those four risottos by ioana cozma. awesome concept; really intriguing flavours; marvelous colours; AMAZING presentation! they remind me of the sweets from a japanese tea ceremony. congratulations to all of the chefs, but this one's my choice for the winner :) .

11 NOVEMBER 2009 15:55

Anonymous said...

Ioana Cozma's Loin of Tuna...

11 NOVEMBER 2009 16:19

Anonymous said...

hmm... They all look absolutely incredible! After much deliberation, I have decided to give my vote to the Loin of Tuna by Ioana Cozma. This dish is so elegantly presented.The mixture of flavours and the overall presentation are unique

and inventive - stunning!

Well done to all the chefs their entries look amazing!

11 NOVEMBER 2009 16:21

Anonymous said...

All the dishes look fantastic! I like Ioana Cozma's Risotto dish in particular, I never saw a risotto presented so beautifully. Nick Rose's desert looks also fab. So my vote goes to those two. Compliments to all the chefs!!!

11 NOVEMBER 2009 16:43

Rachel said...

I would like to eat ioana's risotto for starter, darina's venison and winter veg for main course and victoria's creme brulee for pudding.

I like the clean presentation of all of these and the colours of the starter and maincourse. I also think the variety of the risotto and pudding, and the sous vide venison show cheffy skill I can't get at home and the use of winter vegetables is an appealing seasonal touch that will also complement the meat well.

I notice all my choices dishes cooked by the female members of the kitchen, and I'm a woman- I wonder if females prefer food made by females or if the women are just better! Throwing it out there for demial/debate!

11 NOVEMBER 2009 17:45

monicawirz said...

Well done to everyone in the team - I am so very proud of all that you always do, not only for this competition, but also on a daily basis, when the routine and pressure could easily make quality go down. Apart from the competition, you guys must know that your work is already a winner in Cambridge - everyone in my department keeps volunteering to eat here - your reputation is very much established!

Now, my vote... difficult choice, but if you absolutely need one name only, I would have to go with Darina's creations. But I would not say no to anyone's dishes. Well done!

11 NOVEMBER 2009 23:08

Anonymous said...

The selection of lamb by Sasa and the risotto by Iona are stunning. Major points for each, although I give Iona the slight edge for her culinary decadence.

Beautiful, captivating, intrinsically elegant and gastronomically intriguing, the dexterity of Williams in his arrangement and the intelligence of Cozma in her masterful use of colour fuel this competition with the mouthwatering difficulty of this choice.

-Marcos Paya

12 NOVEMBER 2009 18:58

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  1. Not relating to the competition, I just wanted to give a massive thumbs-up to the inclusion of black pudding at this weekend's brunch - long may it continue!