Friday, 29 January 2010

Tonight's Formal Hall 29/01

I'm writing this as those of you who dined tonight are about to be served your sweet. Tonight's Formal began with an unusual prawn and cucumber mousse flavoured with cream cheese and dill. Vegetarians recieved cauliflower puree with pea and truffles.

We followed the starter with a chump of lamb cooked sous vide. The lamb was cooked for 4 hours at 57C. With the lamb we served a fondant potato, spinach and Provencal vegetables.

The highlight of tonights dinner has to be the sweet; this baby would cost you a fortune in a West End restaurant. We served a warm pan perdu flavoured with cumquats, orange blosson panna cotta and mandarin sorbet.

On a final note, a big hello to Sara's Mom back in the US, your daughter is doing fine!


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