Thursday, 4 March 2010

Last Night's formal Hall 02/03

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I must have had some degree of reservation when choosing chilled tomato soup as an amuse bouche, it's not exactly summer now, is it? However, as Tuesday's menu is testament to the fact, I chose it anyway.

This non-alcoholic cocktail, flavoured with ginger, was designed to kick start the dinner prior to the fish course of trout.
Tuesday's trout recipe was a play on the traditional peas and carrots combination. Pureed carrots were served under grilled trout, which in turn was topped with a pea shoot salad.
Vegetarians were served roasted heart of palm, along with the same clever green and orange combination.
Next came the well-worn confit of duck, this time served with Anna potatoes, wild mushrooms and pak choi. When the deceased bird leg was finally topped with pomegrante seeds, all resemblance to the buffet/lunch time dish were a distant memory;-)
Our cherished vegetarian guests were served empanadas, a great South American dish that can be either sweet or savoury.
Our sweet on Tuesday, tiramisu with coffee granita, came from Gordon Ramsey's 3-star Chef . This unusual sweet combined mascarpone sorbet with traditional tiramisu and coffee granita.
Savino, our Italian Butler, was less than impressed with Signore Ramsey's take on this Italian classic, but if it tasted good.......;-)

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