Friday, 17 September 2010

A lunch for The Master

I began to write this food blog one year ago today, primarily to highlight the great food prepared in our kitchens. We now use the blog to publish our daily and weekly menus, display photographs from many of our dinners, and to highlight the great work of our staff.

How better then to show the great work of the catering department, than by publishing a few photographs of today's Master's lunch! We began the Master's lunch with crab ravioli, served with crushed parsnips and a hazelnut velouté. This is quite simply a stunning dish with amazing flavours; top marks to Chef Adam Littlewort for producing such a great starter!
Next up, we served fillet of beef cooked sous vide, and accompanied by a fondant potato, wilted spinach, pumpkin puree and a red wine jus. Again; a fantastic dish that shows the skill and talent of the Pembroke kitchen.
Not to be outdone, our pastry kitchen showed their class with the final course of rose geranium cream and raspberry sorbet. We make all our sweets in-house, and use a special Pacojet machine for the ice creams and sorbets.
Bon Appetite!

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