Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Last Night's Feast Night Formal Hall 10/11

Last night's dinner began with an imaginative amuse bouche of deconstructed shrimp cocktail. Basically put, this small palate teaser contained all the ingredients found in the more traditional cocktail, but broken down into the individual components. This dish was meant as a bit of fun for the chefs, and hopefully was not viewed as being overly pretentious ;-)
Vegetarians received a deconstructed margarita pizza featuring bocconcino mozzarella, warm focaccia, baby basil, Parmesan and sun-blushed tomato compote.
Next up, we served brie en croute with compressed vanilla pear and watercress dressing. The pears are peeled, cored, rubbed with fresh vanilla, and then compressed-resulting in the vibrant colour and firm texture.
Our main course featured confited pork belly (yum!) with spinach risotto, spring onions and a carmelised shallot jus. The pork is slow-cooked in olive oil until the meat is very, very tender, and the crackling is crisp and brown!
To finish the meal we served a raspberry and brioche pudding with white chocolate custard.
Bon Appetite!

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