Friday, 19 November 2010

Last Night's Formal Hall and BA Dinner 18/11

Any idea what this is?
 Last night's Formal Hall and BA's dinner featured an Asian flair, thanks in part to the great recipes of Jason Atherton and his colourful cookbook, Maze. Jason worked as head chef at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant Maze in Mayfair, before leaving in April of this year to set-up his own venture.

To begin last night's meal, we served aubergine spring rolls with plum sauce, sweet chilli sauce, and stir-fried bean sprouts. As an added touch, we placed bowls of soy sauce down the centre of the tables, and for the more adventurous diners, we provided chop sticks!
For the main course we served beef satay with Asian salad and steamed rice. We used a combination of beef fillet and sirloin when making the brochettes, each of which was marinated with red chilli, garlic and olive oil. The Asian salad consisted of mange tout, lime, red pepper, coriander, bean sprouts, garlic, red onions and scallions, with the satay sauce containing peanuts, soy, ginger and coconut.
 Our wonderful vegetarians we treated to smoked tofu and vegetable satay with the same Asian salad and steamed rice.
To answer my earlier question, the bowl below contains mango soup with lychee granita. The lychee, laichi or lichu is a tropical fruit originally from Southern China. This low-calorie fruit has more Vitamin C than citrus fruits, as much fiber as an apple and potassium levels comparable to a banana. In making the soup, we used a combination of lychee juice, ripe mangos and stock syrup.
Bon Appetite!

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