Friday, 28 October 2016

THE MENU 28/10

                                       108 people will be attending Formal Hall tonight

Simply Pembroke Lunch

Pulled pork with grilled pineapple


Coley with lentils, white beans, lemon and parsley


Simply Pembroke Dinner

Braised chicken with orange and spring onions


Global Kitchen Lunch . Allergens . Price
Cream of tomato soup

Rainbow salad wrap
Gluten(Wheat), Dairy

Lemon, spinach and chickpea curry

Beer-battered haddock
Gluten(Wheat), Egg, Fish

Pear batter cake with chocolate sauce
Dairy, Egg, Gluten

Global kitchen Dinner

Cream of tomato soup

Grilled mozzarella, beef tomato and basil 
Gluten, Egg
toasted sandwich

Beef fajitas with tortillas

Peppered mackerel fishcakes
Fish, Sulphites

Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla custard
Dairy, Gluten, Egg
All side orders are home-made, allergen free and vegan friendly
Green Leafy Vegetable
Sautéed savoy cabbage with carrots

Butterbeans with oregano, tomatoes and capers 

Mixed Vegan Dish
Curried aubergines with tomato and basil

Starchy Vegetable
Roasted butternut squash with garlic and


Gluten-free grains
Tomato and oregano braised rice

New potatoes with ginger and mint


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