Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Cafeteria at lunchtime today

Great Staff!
Lovely Fresh Salad Bar
Wide selection of sandwiches and homemade sweets, cold meat and cheese
The 12 vegan tapas (doesn't every college have one of these?)
Pasta bar, chips and hot sweet
Tenderised pork with picatta sauce
Fresh trout with pickled cucumber and rice noodles
Cauliflower cheese and spinach pasta bake
The Tapas Bar
Hot sandwiches and wraps
We hope you enjoy your meal!


  1. I just had a lite bite - soup - but I did enjoy it, thanks!

  2. Dear David,

    I just had lunch - the trout with couscous and lentils, followed by the
    crumble - and I can honestly say that to get that sort of quality anywhere
    else I would have paid probably five times more than I just did. Fantastic!

    I should add that this is not a one-off occurence.


  3. I'm so glad you did an entry to show how much VARIETY Pembroke has to offer...It's so impressive that you're able to maintain such a high, delicious standard and still provide all of these hundreds of choices! Every time my lectures allow me to make it to Pembroke lunch, it's always what NOT to have that takes the longest time to decide, as I'd ideally be able to try a bit of everything!!!

    I love that, despite the large number of students you provide breakfast, lunch, and supper for, Pembroke food is always very well-presented, as opposed to the 'slop' that one sometimes sees in other (unnamed) colleges! Everything looks so delicious - and tastes even better!!!!

  4. In Swansea Metropolitan University we have to pay close to £5 for a decent meal, and i'm being liberal with my use of the word "decent" here...