Saturday, 20 February 2010

For those about to dine tonight, something to look forward to!

Every year in June we celebrate Degree Day and say goodbye to our graduating students. This very special event includes a quick lunch in college before heading out to the Senate House.
For the last six years, the Catering Department has fed an average of 600 guests in around 30/45 minutes.
We achieve this by pre-plating the lunch minutes before we open the Marquee. Traditionally, I split the chefs into two equal groups, each with 300 plates and an equal amounts of food. Fifteen minutes before opening I blow a whistle and a race begins! Both teams race to see who can plate their 300 meals first. The winning team finishes after lunch whilst the losers stay, clean up, and prepare afternoon tea. Last year we had a tie with both teams finishing in 24 minutes flat! Below are a few photos from Degree Day 2008.

It won't be long now!

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