Friday, 19 February 2010

Formal Hall Menu Lent Term week 7

The Connoisseur Norman Rockwell

Feast Night Formal Hall
Monday 22nd February

Sun-dried Tomato, Goats Cheese, and Rocket Verrine
With warm Focaccia bread
Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Parma Ham
Cassoulet of white beans, sautéed potatoes, and pesto cream sauce

(V) Dhal Curry with Rice
Lemon Semifreddo
With passion fruit dressing
Dessert Fruit and Petit Fours
Feast Night Formal Hall
Tuesday 23rd February

Amuse Bouche
Cauliflower Panna Cotta
Carrot gelee and truffle
Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella Tart
Micro herb salad and sun-blushed dressing
Supreme of Guinea Fowl with a Sausage and Cranberry Farce
Rosemary potatoes, fine beans, and Calvados jus

(V) Baked polenta with potato rosti and ratatouille
Pears Poached in Beetroot jus and Roasted Plums
With pistachio macaroons
Feast Night Formal Hall
Wednesday 24th February

Prawn Pancakes with Pea Shoot salad
Ginger-carrot emulsion

Tofu Pancakes
Roasted Free-Range Chicken Supreme
Wild mushroom and lentil jus, spaghetti

(V) Spaghetti of Wild Mushrooms
Stilton cream sauce, broccoli, and wild mushroom fritters
Pecorino Toscano
With roasted sweet peppers and arugula coulis
Mango, Chocolate and Lemon Custard
Brandy snap curls
Culinary Connoisseurs Formal Hall
Thursday 25th February

Amuse Bouche
Salmon Tartare Cornet
Sweet red onion crème fraiche
(French Laundry)

Grilled Sea Bream
Spinach, sweet parsnips, saffron and vanilla cream
(French Laundry)

Moroccan Lamb Rump Sous Vide
Harissa spiced couscous, chickpea salsa, spinach and jus
(Alan Murchison food for thought)

(V) Falafel Medallions
Harissa spiced couscous, chickpea salsa, spinach and jus

Lemon sorbet

Trio of Sweets
Chocolate Delice with Caramel Hazelnuts
(Raymond Blanc)
White Chocolate cake, yoghurt sorbet and kirsch coulis

Coffee and Petit Fours

Formal Hall
Friday 26th February

English Pea Soup
With Parmesan Crisp
Roast Sirloin of Beef
Chateau potatoes, Fine beans, and Burgundy jus

(V) Artichoke and Mushroom Medallion
Quince and Chestnut Tart
With chestnut ice cream and crème Anglaise

No Formal Hall on Saturday due to the Lent Bumps Dinner

Formal Hall
Sunday 27th February

Homemade Fishcakes
Tartare sauce

(V) Sweetcorn Fritters
Roast Breast of turkey
Cranberry sauce, gravy, chestnut stuffing, chipolata sausage
Roast potatoes and cauliflower au gratin

(V) Nut and Barley Loaf with Roasted Apples
Warm Treacle Tart
Vanilla Ice Cream


  1. Must say, I tend to enjoy formals and'm looking forward to seeing what the Connoisseur formal has to offer!

    One thought - really, really good food is often (in my humble) slightly undermined by abysmal coffee. Watery-bitter, with an awful extraction.

    If only for one evening, might the college consider getting in some respectable / decent / fresh coffee for the connoisseur evening...? Something like Hasbean's dot com blend - admittedly - isn't the cheapest in the world, but it's a long way from the most expensive. And being fresh roast and well-blended can make a phenomenal difference... (i.e. within two weeks. NOT with a sell-by date that's in 18 months' time, urg...)

    I appreciate that might be a big ask.

    But if the evening's a connoisseur evening, and the rest of the food's having a load of effort go into it... then to write the coffee off as 'that stuff that kinda goes at the end of the meal and is the same as always' seems a real shame.

    It's possible to get organic, ethical, fair trade (or better - fair trade has some pretty massive problems in the coffee world) coffee without breaking the bank... If only once...?

  2. All sold out for Thursday! I have a friend coming pretty far for that night, and it's a shame. Any chance that more seats will be opened up again? :)

  3. Culinary Connoisseurs Formal Hall was absolutely amazing. Being served that much brilliant food one after another. I think if would be very popular if it was repeated, perhaps twice a term. Sufficiently infrequent to make it special but frequent enough to allow us to indulge!
    David Joseph