Monday, 22 February 2010

Half-Way Hall Dinner 20/02

On Saturday night we hosted the half-way hall dinner for second year students. This special dinner is a chance to remember how long you've been at Pembroke, and also how much longer you've got left to go!
 To help with the celebrations I posted some photographs of Degree day 2008, I hope they gave everyone something to look forward to?
To start the meal we served a lovely dish of red mullet with tomato and lemongrass broth. This is another great recipe from the Pier cookbook and looks wonderful.
The vegetarians were served a red pepper, tomato and basil tian.
For the main course we served free-range chicken filled with a goat's cheese mousse. The mousse was made with chicken, herbs and dried apricots. To accompany the chicken we served roasted garlic mash, sauteed spinach and pistachio jus, yummy!
To finish the dinner we served a chocolate and star anise truffle cake with fennel ice cream. I wrote about this sweet a few weeks ago in an earlier post, it's great and the combination of fennel and chocolate works really well!

Verði þér að góðu

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