Friday, 2 July 2010

Pembroke donates 20 footballs to the Students Supporting Street Kids Charity

Puro, our coffee supplier, recently presented us with 20 footballs to be donated to a good cause. Puro is a very socially aware company that sees no sense in industry growth at the expense of community and the welfare of our planet. Puro aim to assist in halting the deforestation of our planet and are proud to have teamed up with the World Land trust to assist in making it an economic reality. Helping local people improve living conditions without compromising their natural resources is also a vital aim for Puro. With this in mind, I remembered a student supported charity that we recently hosted a Formal Hall in aid of....

Students Supporting Street Kids was set up in 1998 by two students, Johnny Glennie and Ben Phillips based on their direct experience of working with street children. Today the charity is established in seven branches, including Cambridge University.

All the NGOs funded by SSSK are in the developing world, run by local people who know the particular needs of street children in their community. This sounded like a good charity to donate our footballs to, and with that in mind I contact Okorafor Ikeagwu, Co-President of the charity.
Okorafor, with the first of twenty new footballs
Okorafor and I met briefly today to discuss how best to distribute the footballs to suitable children, and to plan another charity dinner for Michaelmas term.
We're proud to continue supporting the SSSK charity, and hope that the footballs provide many hours of enjoyment for children in need!

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  1. That's brilliant! I hope the charity formal is open to undergraduates. And if it is, I will try to attend if it doesn't clash with my time table. (Yes I had supervisions which ended at 7pm!)