Thursday, 28 July 2011

Buttery Menu Thursday 28th July

Buttery Lunch Menu
Tonight the Buttery will be open at the earlier times of 17.30 to 18.30. Students will be asked to vacate the Marquee at 18.30pm as we need to set-up for a large dinner.

Roast leg of Lamb with Yorkshire Pudding
Mint Sauce and gravy
Smoked fillet of Haddock
On wilted spinach and mustard sauce
Spicy Tofu Kedgeree

Hot Plate Special

Honey roasted Confit of Duck
With grape and mandarin jus

Buttery Dinner Menu

Marinated Turkey Brochette
On a bed of stir-fry vegetable
Summer Pepper Fish Stew
Prawns, mussels, Cod
Chilli Bean tortilla Wraps
With sour cream, salsa and lime

Hot Plate Special

Aromatic Lamb
With dates and apricots

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