Thursday, 10 November 2011

Twenty-one reasons why Pembroke has the best Formal Hall

Why does Pembroke have such amazing Formal Halls?
1. Great Staff!
2. More great staff
3. Sous Vide lamb, ever so tender..
4.  creative vegetarian food
 5. homeade ice cream and pistachio cakes, yum!
6. Great Minestrones
7. Fresh fish, light flavours
8. Gordon Ramsey's desserts
9. Wnderful tarte tatins
10. Home made pastry with fresh apples
11. Sous Vide beef, cooked to perfection!
12. Classic British puddings
13. Creative and colourful fresh fish
14. More great vegetarian food
15. Fresh game, beautifully presented
16. Fun and creative sweets
17. Proper chocolate tortes with ice cream
18. Vibrant soups from the French Laundry cookbook
19. Colourful risotto
20. Magical endings with sorbet, foams, berries and consomme
21. Dancing chefs
The Best Formals in Cambridge!


  1. I'm finally coming to Pembroke formal next week! Hoping that dancing chefs are part of the deal

  2. This is only slightly related, but a visiting gardener friend told me that we have a Medlar tree ( on the corner of the garden just adjacent to the green-house, which will imminently be producing ripe apples which will make an excellent jelly or jam... Thought you might like to know; it'd be fantastic to serve Pembroke produce at a Pembroke formal!