Thursday, 10 May 2012

LATE HALL starting Monday!

Beginning on Monday, we will be launching our latest catering initiative, Late Hall. 
For exam term only, you will now be able to pre-book a re-heatable meal to collect from the bar after 7pm during weekday evenings. Originally envisioned to meet the demands of the boat crews, we have decided to roll this out to all students who may not be able to attend evening cafeteria due to the demands of exams.

Each evening we will leave a main course, cold sweet, salad and roll for collection from the College bar. The bar staff will be happy to re-heat your meal if you wish to eat in the JP/Bar area or, if you prefer,  feel free to take the meal away to your accommodation. 

Using Uniware, you will be able to book Late Hall up until 10pm the day before you wish to dine. You will have the option of a standard meal or a vegetarian meal, with the basics of the menu advertised along side our Formal Hall menus.

The cost for this meal is £6.50, paid in advance via Uniware or using function code B101.

N.B. Late Hall is only available to current Pembroke students.

Late Hall Menu

Monday 14th May
Belly of Pork or Quiche

Tuesday 15th May
Baked Hake or Mediterranean Pasta

Wednesday 16th May
Lamb steak or Tofu stir-fry

Thursday 17th May
Gammon Steak or Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Friday 18th May
Confit of Duck or Vegetable curry


  1. Great idea, but why must it be booked by the evening before? Can't you just take some of the dinner items from normal hall?