Sunday, 20 April 2014


B A’s Dinner
Thursday 24 April

Poached salmon rillettes with smoked salmon mackerel and apple and bacon salad

(V)Smoked beetroot, mascarpone and tarragon salad


Ballotine of turkey with spinach, braised baby gem, potato Rösti and thyme jus

(V) Cauliflower risotto with chilli pangrattato


Lemon verbena posset with spiced winter fruits and East Yorkshire sugar cakes

Formal Hall
Friday 25th April

Slow cooked salmon, miso caramel, pickled cauliflower and nettle juices


Grilled pork chop with braised spelt grain, sautéed leeks and red wine jus

(V) Lififa mushroom turnover, braised spinach and tomato with sesame chutney


Warm triple chocolate brownie with Seville orange marmalade ice cream and wafers

Formal Hall
Saturday 26th April

Poached pear and gorgonzola salad with pomegranate salad


Braised beef steak with savoy cabbage, carrots, grain
mustard crushed new potatoes and stroganoff sauce

(V) Beetroot tart with Bingham blue cheese beignets


Lavender and white chocolate crème brûlée with lemon Madeleines

Formal Hall
Sunday 27 April

Mackerel confit, cucumber tartar and lemon sherbet dressing

(V) Asparagus, red onion and blue cheese tarts


Stuffed shoulder lamb with buttered French beans
Fondant potatoes and rosemary jus

(V) Eggplant stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables and tofu with buttered French beans Fondant potato and basil pesto


Rhubarb and Brown Sugar Meringue Mess

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