Sunday, 10 July 2016

THE MENU 10/07

Simply Pembroke Dinner


Roast Turkey with gluten free gravy


Global Kitchen Dinner . Allergens . Price

Carrot and lentil Soup
Dairy, Sulphites, Celery

Pork carnitas in soft taco with guacamole
and salad

Grilled Thai Salmon

Goats cheese and tomato lasagna
Dairy, Gluten(Wheat)

Jam sponge with vanilla custard
Dairy, Gluten(Wheat),Eggs

All sides order are homemade and vegan friendly

Green Leafy Vegetable
Steamed kale with garlic and orange dressing £1.00

Chickpeas with spicy malpe syrup dressing

Mixed Vegan Dish
Lentil bolognaise

Starchy Vegetable
Roasted parsnips with honey

Gluten-free grains
Braised wild rice with fresh herbs

New potatoes with mint

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