Sunday, 12 February 2017

THE MENU 12-02-2017

                        106 people will be attending Formal Hall tonight

Simply Pembroke Dinner Price
Roast turkey with orange wedges, star anise and sage £3.90
Global Kitchen Dinner Allergens Price
Parsnip and apple soup Milk, Sulphites £1.20
Hot dog with fried onions and relish Gluten, Sulphites £2.95
Goats cheese, red onion tart Gluten, Eggs, Milk £2.95
Grilled thai salmon Fish, Soya £3.90
Apple and berry crisp with nutmeg custard Gluten, Milk £1.55

All side orders are home-made, allergen free and vegan friendly
Green Leafy VegetableSteamed spinach and kale£1.00
LegumesLentils with lime and tomato wedges£1.00
Mixed Vegan DishVegetable chilli£1.00
Starchy VegetableRoasted root vegetables£1.00
Gluten-Free GrainsMushroom and onion white rice£1.00
PotatoJeera aloo (roasted new potatoes with cumin, tumeric and curry leaves)£1.00

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