Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Last Night's Formal Hall Monday 24th May

Last night's Formal Hall featured three dishes from Made in Great Britain by Aiden Byrne. Aiden Byrne was the youngest chef ever to win a Michelin Star (at age 22), and has worked under a number of top chefs. More recently, Aiden represented the North West in the BBC's Great British Menu.

We began last night's dinner with Asparagus Mayonnaise. This interesting starter features locally sourced asparagus, wrapped in smoked bacon and then grilled. Alongside the grilled asparagus, we served asparagus mayonnaise, poached asparagus, soft boiled egg and toast.
Next up was a yoghurt sorbet served in a port glass instead of a shot glass (yes, we read your comments!)
For the main we served free-range chicken with gnocchi, lemons, rosemary and figs.
Henry and Sasa plating last night's main course
Last night's sweet reminded me of a well-known aphorism, knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. We served an iced pistachio parfait with basil jelly, Parmesan ice cream and black olive tuilles. Comments on a postcard please!
Bon Appetite!


  1. looking good ladies and gentlemen, good offort

  2. Thanks Aiden, we've tried quite a few of your recipes and are enjoying the book. We'd love to have you for lunch if you find yourself in Cambridge!

    David Harwood