Monday, 29 July 2013

THE MENU 29/07

Street Food

Grilled Salmon Burger
6oz freshly grilled salmon fillet with rocket leaves 
 Red pepper aioli sauce on a toasted bun  

 Tempura and Sesame
Tofu bento
Tempura and sesame battered tofu bento with rice
toasted sesame seeds, edamame beans
green beans and teriyaki sauce


Black Pepper Beef
 Vegetable stir-fry


Roasted Coley in White Wine
With olives


Chickpea Chilli and Coriander Cakes
With marinated red onion salad

 Buttery Dinner Menu

Street Food

Seaside Whitebait
Deep fried Whitebait with chips
lemon and a seaside chip fork

Turkey and vegetable Pie


Baked Pangasius
With lemon and Aioli

 Southern Indian Vegetable Curry
with smoked tofu  

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