Wednesday, 8 July 2015

THE MENU 08/07

Simply Pembroke Lunch


Harissa Rubbed Braised Norfolk Beef with Roasted Tomatoes


Haddock with Sweetcorn and Peas


Simply Pembroke Dinner


Lemon, Cumin, Parsley and Mint Minced Turkey Kofta with Lemon and Cherry Tomatoes


Global Kitchen Lunch . Allergens . Price

Chicken and Bacon Burger with BBQ Sauce
Gluten (Wheat, Barley), Mustard, Soya

Chilli Bean Casserole with Herby Dumplings (V)
Gluten (Wheat), Sulphites

Rustic Courgette, Pine Kernel and Ricotta Tart (V)
Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs

Global Kitchen Dinner . Allergens . Price

Veggie Hot Dog with Fried Onions and Relish (V)
Gluten (Wheat, Barley), Eggs

Beef Fajitas
Gluten (Wheat)

Seafood Chowder Pie
Fish, Milk, Sulphites

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