Wednesday, 15 June 2016

THE MENU 15/06

Please note there will be no evening cafeteria tonight due to June Event.

Simply Pembroke Lunch


Chicken with pancetta and white bean cassoulet


Haddock with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, capers, lemon juice and spring onions


Global Kitchen Lunch . Allergens . Price

Roasted tomato and basil soup
Celery, Milk

Asian potato cakes with oriental slaw (V)

Plum crumble with cinnamon custard
Gluten (Wheat), Milk

All side orders are home-made, allergen free and vegan friendly

Green Leafy Vegetable
Caramelised red cabbage

Middle Eastern white beans

Mixed Vegan Dish
Chickpea and pumpkin curry

Starchy Vegetable
Roasted squash with honey and sage

Gluten-free grains
Mushroom and onion white rice

Diced potatoes roasted with coriander seeds and orange wedges

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