Friday, 26 April 2013


Feast Night Formal Hall
Monday 29th April

Selection of Anti Pasti
Olives, Focaccia, sun-blushed tomato and salami

(V) Selection of Anti Pasti
Olives, Focaccia, sun-blushed tomato and marinated mushrooms


Red Pepper Sorbet


Braised Shin of Beef in Red Wine
Pan-fried gnocchi, broad beans, olives and tomato

(V) Gorgonzola, Artichoke, Oregano, Broccolita Baked Gnocchi 


Torte di Mela

Feast Night Formal Hall
Tuesday 30th April

Hot smoked salmon, beetroot salad and horseradish crème fraiche

(V) Orange-roasted beetroot salad with goat’s cheese and dill


Lemon Sherbet Sorbet


Rump of Lamb Niçoise sous vide
Rösti potato, aubergine, tomato, courgette
Lamb jus

(V) Roasted Butternut Squash and Goat’s Cheese Risotto
With pine nut crumble



Feast Night Formal Hall
Wednesday 1st May

Demitasse of Tomato Soup and Garlic Foam


Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Salmon Tart
Sun-blushed tomato dressing and salad

(V) Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella Tart
Sun-blushed tomato dressing and salad


Herb stuffed Supreme of Guinea Fowl with Lemon, Garlic and Pesto
Seasonal Vegetables and Chateau Potatoes

(V) Artichoke, Spinach, and Lentil Medallions
Roasted pepper salsa and Chateau Potatoes


Raspberry Crème Brulėe
Chocolate shortbread biscuits

BA Dinner in Hall
Thursday 2nd May

 Olive Tapenade and Sun-Blushed Tomatoes
Honey brioche


Braised Beef
Beetroot jus, parsley pomme puree, sauerkraut and green beans

(V) Fennel and Courgette Osso Bucco


Bittersweet Valrhona Chocolate Tart
White chocolate ice cream

Formal Hall
Friday 3rd May

Smoked chicken breast, avocado, lime and sherry dressing
And bitter leaves

(V) Salad of Asparagus spears, broad beans and peas with baby
Gem and a goats cheese dressing


Roast Pork loin stuffed with Sage stuffing, apple sauce,
Roast potatoes and broccoli

(V) Beetroot and marjoram risotto
With black sticks blue and Port syrup


Caramelised Apricot tart with ginger verbena sorbet,
Diplomat cream and mango

Formal Hall
Saturday 4th May

Smoked Trout Salad
With horseradish and new potatoes

(V) Potato, Asparagus and Artichoke Salad


Confit of Duck
Champ potato, sprouting broccoli and caramelised red onion jus

(V) Roasted butternut squash with goat's cheese


Raspberry Pavlova

Formal Hall
Sunday 5th May

Grilled Plaice
Haricot vert and Sherry vinaigrette


Sirloin of Beef sous vide
Spring carrots, fondant, oxtail, and parsley jus

(V) Tomato, Mozzarella and Grilled Aubergine Steak


Treacle Tart with Ice Cream

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