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               Feast Night Formal Hall
                          Monday 30th May
Dish                                                                                                                                             . Allergens

                White onion and pecorino tart                                                                                   Milk, Gluten(Wheat),Eggs
White onion puree, red chard and grated pecorino


                                Raspberry sorbet


                    Grilled free-range chicken niçoise                                                                               Sulphites, Milk
Rösti potato, candied aubergine, baby onions, courgettes, tomatoes and olives        

(V) Aubergine and mozzarella croquettes                                                                              Milk, Gluten(Wheat), Eggs,
Rösti potato, candied aubergine, baby onions, courgettes, tomatoes and olives                   Soya, Sulphites


                       Vanilla crème brûlée                                                                                             Milk, Gluten(Wheat),
          Orange scented shortbread biscuits                                                                                             Eggs

                        Feast Night Formal Hall
                             Tuesday 31st May
Dish                                                                                                                                             . Allergens
                               Grilled trout                                                                                                  Fish, Sulphites
             Pickled vegetables and micro basil

  (V) Beetroot tart with Cambridge blue cheese beignets                                                   Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Eggs


     Roasted turkey breast with pancetta and sage jus                                                          Sulphites, Milk
        Mash potato and spiced braised red cabbage

(V) Vegetable and diced Quorn stew topped with herb dumpling                                    Sulphites, Milk, Eggs,
             Mash potato and spiced braised red cabbage                                                          (Wheat, Barley)


                             Queen of puddings                                                                                        Gluten (Wheat), Sulphites,
                                Crème Anglaise                                                                                            Eggs, Milk


                      Dessert fruit and petit fours                                                                                Milk, Soya

                 Feast Night Formal Hall
                    Wednesday 1st June
Dish                                                                                                                                 . Allergens
                        Amuse bouche
    Sweet potato, spinach and feta tortilla                                                                   Milk, Eggs
                     Sumac and yoghurt


                     Minestrone soup                                                                                         Gluten (Wheat), Milk
                        Gruyere croute


     Parma ham wrapped pork tenderloin                                                                     Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs  
Grilled parmesan and roasted red pepper polenta, petit ratatouille

               (V) Courgette and tomato tartlet                                                                   Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs  
Grilled cheddar and roasted red pepper polenta, petit ratatouille   


                  Dutch apple lattice                                                                                       Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs  
                     Vanilla ice cream

                          Formal and BA’S Dinner
                                Thursday 2nd June
Dish                                                                                                                                    .  Allergens
   Smoked chicken and cracked wheat salad                                                                  Gluten (Wheat), Milk
                Cucumber yoghurt dressing

         (V) Smoked tofu and cracked wheat salad                                                            Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Soya 
                        Cucumber yoghurt dressing


    Roast fillet of sea bream with sauce vierge                                                               Fish
Cambridgeshire asparagus and chive crushed new potatoes

(V) Caramelised red onion and mature cheddar tart                                                   Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs 
 Cambridgeshire asparagus, chive crushed new potatoes and sauce vierge


          Lemon and stem ginger cheesecake                                                                     Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs 
                Raspberry textures and sorbet                                                                                       Soya

                                  Formal Hall
                                Friday 3rd June
Dish                                                                                                                                   . Allergens
                           Treacle cured salmon                                                                             Fish
          Beetroot, ginger and lemongrass dressing

                            (V) Summer ruby salad                                                                         Sulphites
Watermelon, beetroot, radish, red onion and raspberry dressing


                             Lamb confit shoulder
   Provencal vegetables, fondant potato, spinach, basil jus

 (V) Goat’s cheese and polenta tart with caramelised onions and pesto                 Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs
                Provencal vegetables, fondant potato, spinach


               Lemon meringue with marinated strawberries                                              Eggs, Sulphites
            Strawberry sorbet, black pepper and sesame tuille

                                     Formal Hall
                                Saturday 4th June
Dish                                                                                                                                        .  Allergens
               Caramelised pear and gorgonzola salad                                                           Milk
                             Pomegranate seeds


                  Braised beef steak with stroganoff sauce                                                     Milk, Mustard, Gluten (Wheat)
 Steamed broccoli and grain mustard crushed new potatoes
                   (V) Cauliflower and date tagine                                                                     Sulphites
                                     Tunisian pilaff


                                    Cointreau Posset                                                                             Gluten(Wheat), Milk, Eggs
              Poached rhubarb and gingersnap biscuits

                            Formal Hall
                        Sunday 5th June
Dish                                                                                                                                 .  Allergens
                         Roasted sea trout
  Roasted red pepper, sweetcorn and chive salsa                                                      Fish

(V) Salt baked beetroot, orange and goats cheese salad                                          Milk

Sage, garlic and orange marinated roasted pork shoulder                                       Sulphites, Milk
Cider apple jus, roast potatoes, pan-fried savoy cabbage with carrots

        (V) Roasted Vegetable loaf with cider apple jus                                                  Milk, Sulphites
     Roast potatoes, pan-fried savoy cabbage with carrots


                   Steamed treacle sponge                                                                                Gluten(Wheat), Milk, Eggs
                        Vanilla pod custard

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