Sunday, 24 July 2016

THE MENU 24/07

Simply Pembroke Sunday


Grilled turkey with roasted red peppers 

and roasted red onions

Global Kitchen  Sunday . Allergens . Price

Sweet potato Soup
Dairy, Celery, Sulphite

Korma curry lentil burger with mango chutney

Baked salmon with thai green curry sauce 
Sulphites, Fish

Roasted Chicken leg

Ginger and pear cake with vanilla custard

All sides order are homemade and vegan friendly

Green Leafy Vegetable
Pak Choi steamed with broccoli slice stems 

with garlic and lemongrass

Chickpeas with spicy maple syrup dressing £1.00

Mixed Vegan Dish
Vegetable biriyani

Starchy Vegetable
Roasted butternut squash with garlic and 


Gluten-free grains
White rice with spring onions

Jeera aloo(new potatoes roasted with

cumin, tumeric and curry leaves)

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