Monday, 12 September 2016

THE MENU 12/09

Simply Pembroke LunchPrice
Moroccan lamb tagine with olives and peppers £4.10
Pangasius with carrot mash and coriander £3.65
Simply Pembroke DinnerPrice
Minced chicken kofta with cumin, cinnamon, paprika, lemon and parsley, served with lemon and tomato wedges £3.90
Global Kitchen LunchAllergensPrice
Vegetable and lentil soup Milk, Celery £1.20
Moroccan Quorn sausage stew (V) Gluten (Wheat, Barley), Eggs, £2.90
Global Kitchen DinnerAllergensPrice
Vegetable and lentil soup Milk, Celery £1.20
Baja fish soft tacos Fish, Gluten (Wheat), Milk £3.65
Chickpea tagine with figs (V) Sulphites £2.75
All side orders are home-made, allergen free and vegan friendly
Green Leafy Vegetable Broccoli and cauliflower £1.00
Legumes Five bean salad with diced onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs and olive oil £1.00
Mixed Vegan Dish Vegetable biriyani £1.00
Starchy Vegetable Sauteéd courgettes with tomato and peas £1.00
Gluten-free grains Tumeric and ginger infused basmati £1.00
Potato Steamed new potatoes with mint and parsley £1.00

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