Saturday, 12 November 2016

THE MENU 12/11

Simply Pembroke Saturday


Pork strips with mushrooms, chilies, ginger,

peppers, bean sprouts and coriander

Global Kitchen Saturday . Allergens . Price

Red pepper Soup

Sausage and mash with gravy
 Gluten(Wheat), Sulphites

Valencian fish stew

Curry Vegetarian pie
Dairy, Gluten(Wheat)

Plum and apple cake with toffee sauce
Gluten(Wheat), Dairy,Eggs

All sides order are homemade and vegan friendly

Green Leafy Vegetable
roasted red peppers with spinach

Cannellini beans with chillies, garlic, olive oil £1.00

Mixed Vegan Dish
Vegetable chilli

Starchy Vegetable
Sauteed courgettes with tomato and peas

Gluten-free grains
Braised wild rice with fresh herbs

Lyonnaise potatoes

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