Sunday, 13 November 2016

THE MENU 13/11

Simply Pembroke Sunday Price
Grilled curried  turkey  steak with wilted spinach, garlic and onions £3.75
peppers, bean sprouts and coriander
Global Kitchen Sunday . Allergens . Price
Leek and potato soup Dairy, Sulphites £1.20
Italian meatballs and mozzarella sub  Gluten(Wheat), Dairy £3.90
Sticky sesame fish with Japanese style broth Fish, Sesame, Soya, Gluten(Wheat) £3.65
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni Dairy, Gluten(Wheat), Eggs £3.65
Apple, pear and cinnamon crumble   Gluten(Wheat), Dairy £1.55
with vanilla bean custard
All sides order are homemade and vegan friendly
Green Leafy Vegetable roasted red peppers with spinach £1.00
Legumes Cannellini beans with chillies, garlic, olive oil £1.00
Mixed Vegan Dish Vegetable chilli £1.00
Starchy Vegetable Sauteed courgettes with tomato and peas £1.00
Gluten-free grains Braised wild rice with fresh herbs £1.00
Potato Lyonnaise potatoes £1.00

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