Thursday, 13 May 2010

Last Night's Formal Hall Wednesday 13th May

On Wednesday, we began Formal with an amuse bouche of sun-dried tomato, goat's cheese and rocket.
 Served in a a shot glass, this neat looking dish is another favourite from Monsieur Pontais. We use a dehydrator to make the tomato garnish, this ensures the colour is kept bright and attractive.
Next up we chose another recipe from Monsieur Raymond Blanc, this time we attempted his Tomato Theme, recently featured on his BBC show Kitchen Secrets. This dish consisted mainly of a tomato essence served three ways. We firstly blended ripe tomatoes with herbs and aromatics, before hanging the mixture in a muslin bag and allowing the essence to slowly drip overnight. Once the essence is collected, we use one-third to make a jelly, one-third to make a sorbet, and leave the rest to be served chilled in a shot glass. To accompany this trio, we served a small salad of boconcinni mozzarella, ripe tomato and basil.
For the main course, we chose to serve a flank of beef, cooked sous vide, with asparagus, rosti potato, fried shallots and bernaise sauce. Local asparagus is now in season, so you'll be seeing this quite often for the next few weeks!
To end another lovely evening, we served poached pear with sable biscuit, caramel cream and blackberry sorbet. This is another great dish from Maze, by Jason Atherton.
Bon Appetite!

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