Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Emily and Will's Birthday Dinner Saturday 2nd October

On Saturday evening, we celebrated the birthdays of Emily and Will, two of the nicest people you could wish to meet;-) Emily is a grad student here at Pembroke, whilst Will is at Trinity, but helps to teach with Pembroke's International Programmes Department.
Film Noir/Hitchcock was to be the theme of the evening with Emily commenting:
"The general joke is that I love Paris and Will loves Istanbul, so a sort of Franco-Turkish food theme if possible?"

We settled on a small Turkish meze as the starter; serving marinated olives, hummus, baba ganoush and pita bread.
Next came the main course of slow-roasted duck confit with smoked aubergines, chickpea pancakes and a special 'fruity' rice. These special pancakes are made using chickpea flour, and are great for wrapping pieces of succulent duck and smoked aubergine!
Pistachio macaroons were requested for the sweet, and Sara, our American pastry chef, pulled out all the stops for these Ladurée quality morsals, served with homemade honey ice cream!
And to finish, I've been asked to share this short note from Emily and Will.

'The meal was a triumph of Turkish cuisine and French cooking. It was an unusual combination that we chose but it worked so well. The meze starter was a good size and selection, with the baba ganoush being especially fine.

The main of duck fell off the bone and worked nicely with the rice and pancakes. But the dessert was my favourite course. The honey ice cream was sublime and perfectly complemented by the pistachio macaroons.

The whole experience was wonderful - the beautiful setting and the exemplary staff who were so helpful and accommodating. I wish to thank everyone involved in making it such a special celebration.'

Emily and Will

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