Monday, 4 October 2010

Last Night's Freshers Formal Hall Sunday 3rd October

Vehicular chaos ensued at the back gate, most of the roads in Cambridge came to a halt, and hundreds of seemingly lost sheep wandered the court yards of the city’s colleges. Yes, it was Fresher’s arrival weekend, and I like many well informed citizens gave Cambridge a wide berth until early this morning. By early last night, most of our Freshers were settled in and ready for their first taste of a Pembroke Formal Hall. At 7:15pm 150 new students arrived at the Hall and took their places for dinner.

We began last night's dinner with a healthy Puy lentil bouillabaisse, made with fennel spinach and saffron rouille.    Rouille (French, 'rust') is a sauce that consists of olive oil with breadcrumbs, garlic, saffron and chili peppers. It is served as a garnish with fish, fish soup and, notably, bouillabaisse. Rouille is most often used in the cuisine of Provence.
We served free-range chicken as the main course, accompanied by spiced carrot puree, Anna potato and a lemongrass veloute. Our vegetarian friends were served vegetable stifado with spinach and tomato keftedes.
Dessert was a chestnut cake with chestnut sorbet!
Bon Appetite!


  1. Hi David,

    I was surprised to see your picture of Freshers' Formal - I wasn't aware that I'd be re-entering 1st year this Term! Also, I like the reuse of the decorations from the June Event launch formal - admittedly, the Freshers won't have seen them before! :p

  2. Well spotted! We used a file photo of the hall as none were taken on the night!