Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Last Night's Graduate Matriculation Dinner

Last night, we celebrated the Matriculation of our Graduate students with a special dinner in Hall. One hundred students and fellows were treated to what was hopefully a lovely Autumnal menu, featuring fresh game birds, roasted pumpkin and poached fruits! 

We began the dinner with a roasted pumpkin soup, garnished with curried pecans. Pumpkins are in season from September to March and orignated in Mexico, where evidence has been found to support that the natives of Mexico were eating Pumpkins as early as 5500 BC!
For the main course we served roast pheasant wrapped in pancetta and accompanied by caramelised red cabbage, roasted apples and goose fat roasted potatoes. Game is wild, natural and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative to beef, pork, lamb and chicken. And, as it's low in cholesterol and high in protein Game is one of the healthiest meats available today.
Our vegetarian friends were served a goat's cheese and roasted vegetable pithivier, garnished with a red onion chutney.
For dessert, we served a warm pomegranate granate, poached fruits and honey ice cream.
Bon Appetite!

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