Wednesday, 4 February 2015

THE MENU 04/02

Simply Pembroke Lunch Price

Sous Vide Norfolk Beef Steak with 5 Bean Salad, Onions, Garlic and Herbs


Haddock with Mange Toute and Sweet Chilli


Simply Pembroke Dinner Price

Grilled Suffolk Turkey Steak with Peaches and Parsley


Pollock with Butter Beans and Bacon


Global Kitchen Lunch . Allergens . Price

Roasted Sweet Potato and Sage Soup


Bratwurst Sausage with Chips and Curry Ketchup
Milk, Sulphites, Mustard

Vegetable and Diced Quorn Madras (V)
Eggs, Gluten (Barley), Mustard

Aubergine Rolls with Spinach and Ricotta (V)
Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Soya

Plum and Berry Crumble with Cinnamon Custard Milk, Gluten (Wheat) £1.50

Global Kitchen Dinner . Allergens . Price

Roasted Sweet Potato and Sage Soup


Falafel Wrap with Houmous, Grated Carrot and Tomato (V)
Gluten (Wheat), Sesame

Asian Pork Hot Pot with Rice
Gluten (Wheat), Soya

Chunky Tilapia Chowder
Fish, Milk

Double Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Sauce Gluten (Wheat), Milk, Eggs, Soya £1.50

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