Saturday, 7 March 2015

THE MENU 07/03 08/03

Simply Pembroke Sunday Dinner


Pork Strips with Ginger, Garlic, Red Chilli, Spring Onions, Black Beans and Mange Tout Finish with Orange


Salmon with Spring Onions, parsley, Red Chilli, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice


Simply Pembroke Sunday  Dinner


Cajun Beef Steak Sous Vide with Guacamole


Haddock with Sweetcorn and Peas


Global Kitchen Saturday Dinner

. Allergens . Price

Roasted Carrot and Fennel Soup
Milk, Celery

Onion Bhaji's with Curried Slaw and Mango Chutney
 Gluten  (Wheat), Eggs

Lamb Pie


Seafood Chowder Pie
Fish, Gluten, Eggs

Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Sauce Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Eggs, Soya £1.50

Global Kitchen Sunday  Dinner

. Allergens . Price

Vegetable Soup


Seaside Scampi and Chips
Crustaceans, Soya, Eggs, Gluten(Wheat)

Ratatouille With Goat's Cheese and Herby Crumble
Milk, Gluten

Beef Lasagna
Gluten (Wheat), Eggs ,Milk

Jam and Coconut Cake with Vanilla Custard
Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Eggs, Sulphites

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