Saturday, 30 April 2016

THE MENU 30/04

Simply Pembroke Saturday


Citrus Pork steak with pineapple salsa


Simply Pembroke Sunday


Grilled turkey steak with orange

thyme and spring onions

Global Kitchen Saturday . Allergens . Price

Broccoli and stilton Soup

Portobello, Stilton and rocket burger
Dairy, Gluten(Wheat)

Grilled Thai salmon
Fish, Sulphites

Moroccan Pie
Gluten(Wheat), Dairy

Pear, Apple, Cinnamon and sultana crumble Gluten(Wheat), Dairy,Sulphites

Global Kitchen  Sunday . Allergens . Price

Mushroom Soup
Dairy, Celery

Vegetable samosas with coleslow
Gluten(Wheat), Eggs

Thai Curry with rice 
Sulphites, Dairy

Chicken Pie 
Dairy, Sulphites, Mustard

Rice pudding with berry compote

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