Monday, 18 October 2010

Last Night's Formal Hall Sunday 17th October

Sunday's Formal Hall menu is by tradition, a roast dinner with a traditional hot sweet and an unadventurous starter. Past attempts to 'brighten-up' the dinner have met with disapproval :-(
Nevertheless, we always attempt to serve great tasting food, and last night was no exception. We began the dinner with a cream of celeriac soup, garnished with truffle oil and chives.
What is celeriac? It's an autumn / winter root crop, which is quite pungent and can be bitter, if not cooked properly, but has a great ability to absorb flavours, for example in soups and stews.
It is related to celery, but liking celery doesn't guarantee you'll like celeriac and hating celery doesn't mean you won't like celeriac!
It is thought that celeriac didn't make it to the UK until the 18th century, but even now its a little-known veggie and most of us don't know what to do with it...
Did you know...?
Celeriac is one of the most likely veg box veggies to end up in the compost bin...
Celeriac is high in vitamin C, as well as calcium and potassium, which helps you absorb the calcium. So it's worth tucking in, if you find a recipe you like.
Free-range turkey featured as the 'roast of the week', accompanied by roast potatoes, bacon wrapped chipolatas, roasted carrots and roasted parsnips. If a complaint could be made about this main, it's the lack of green. We have certain members of college who insist on seeing green on every plate we serve!
For the sweet, we served a warm pear batter cake with cinnamon ice cream. The batter cake is one of my favourite desserts and very easy to make; you can find the recipe here!
Bon Appetite!

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  1. As a vegetarian I've been really disappointed by the vegetarian equivalents provided on your Sunday formals in the past couple of weeks. Why can't we get the same delicious roast potatoes and veg as the meat eaters but with some kind of quorn/nut roast substitute for the meat with onion gravy? That way we'd also get to enjoy a Sunday roast instead of being given a completely different and often rather stodgy meal (such as last week's stale pasta parcels filled with shredded peas) that leaves us staring longingly at the crispy roast potatoes on everyone else's plates!