Monday, 18 October 2010

Matthew Wren Society Lunch

The Matthew Wren Society Lunch
All Members who inform the College that they have included Pembroke as a beneficiary in their Will become members of the Matthew Wren Society. Established in 1997, it gives the College the opportunity to thank legacy pledgers for their generosity, during their lifetime. An annual society lunch is held in October and Members are most welcome to bring a guest with them.

This years annual lunch was held on Saturday and was attended by 155 College members and their guests.
The lunch began with  smoked salmon, goat's cheese, marinated beetroot and beetroot sorbet. Beetroot evolved from wild seabeet which is a native of coastlines from India to Britain. Two thousand years ago, prior to being modified by cultivation techniques, beetroot had a carrot-shaped root and only the leaves were eaten (the small root was used for medicinal purposes by ancient Greeks and Romans). The familiar rounded root variety was developed around the sixteenth century and gained widespread popularity in Europe a couple of hundred years later.
For the main course, we served lovely Suffolk bred, free-range pork cutlets. We also served pork rilette, baby carrots, fondant potato and parsnip puree. On reflection, the main course could have been slightly smaller, but I'd rather over-feed then under-feed!
Dessert consisted of warm prune and honey cake, with pressed apples and vanilla bean ice cream.
Bon Appetite!

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