Monday, 28 February 2011

Saturday's Half-Way Hall 26/02

The Menu
Mozzarella and Smoked Salmon Terrine
Pink peppercorn dressing
Haunch of Venison sous vide
Caramelised red cabbage, roasted chateau potatoes, game jus

(V) Portobello Tart Gratin in Hazelnut Pastry
With parsley and garlic sauce, caramelised red cabbage and roasted chateau potatoes
Chocolate Fondant
Peanut butter ice cream and cumin caramel
Bon Appetite!


  1. It was one hell of a starter!

  2. The food was absolutely excellent. The dessert in particular was superb; thanks for a great evening.

  3. My main course looked far more entertaining than that though ;)

    Would have preferred vanilla ice cream with the pudding, but an awesome meal still!