Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sixth William Pitt Seminar and Dinner: "The Future of the World in Four Objects"

William Pitt Seminar
Friday 14th October 2011

From the Development Office

Sixth William Pitt Seminar and Dinner: The Future of the World in Four Objects

We were inspired to use this title because of the marvellous series on Radio 4 and because it takes forward the themes of previous years’ seminars. We are very pleased that Mark Damazer, formerly of the BBC, and Master of St Peter’s College, Oxford has agreed to chair the event. David Cleevely, a telecommunications entrepreneur is to talk on advances in communications, Professor Anthony Kelly on composites, and Professor Roger Pedersen on stem cells. The fourth speaker is yet to be confirmed. They will each choose an object as a "hook" for their presentation.

Earlier seminars have looked at climate change, narratives of risk, the survival of the human race and the geopolitical tensions generated by the hunger for natural resources and the differing economic and political paths to growth. We felt that the next seminar should try to draw together some of the leading technological and scientific developments and set them in a macro- and micro-political context. Hence the speakers will be a mix of experts in scientific and sociological disciplines.

The seminar takes the form of four relatively brief presentations from the speakers, after which there is a lively question and answer session involving the audience. The audience is drawn from a broad range of alumni, the College’s ‘Corporate Partners’, government, media, academics and students. The seminar runs over the late afternoon in the Queen’s Building, Emmanuel College , and is followed by a reception and dinner in Pembroke.

the Menu 

Roasted Monkfish with Pumpkin Purée
Toasted barley sauce
(V) Rosemary Grilled Goat’s Cheese
Warm apricot relish and pistachio oil
Roasted Loin of Venison
Braised red cabbage, Dauphinoise potatoes,
parsnip purée, beetroot fondant
and red wine jus
(V) Olive polenta with salsa verde
Braised red cabbage, Dauphinoise potatoes,
parsnip purée, beetroot fondant
Treacle Tart with Winter Fruits and Clotted Cream

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