Saturday, 9 March 2013

THE MENU 09/03

Saturday Buttery Dinner Menu

Butternut Squash Soup

Street Food
Tuna Melt Baguettes

Portobello Mushrooms Burgers


Muffin topped Beef Stew
Roast Salmon
With pico de gallo and lemon


Gnocchi Mushrooms and Cheese Bake


White Chocolate Sponge
With Vanilla Sauce

Sunday Buttery Dinner Menu

Carrot and Orange Soup

Street Food

Chinese BBQ Pork
Char Sui with rice

Turkey Burgers


Glazed Gammon with Parsley and Cider Sauce


Breaded Scampi with Lemon and Tartar sauce


Quorn Sausage Toed in Hole
With onion Gravy


Citrus Sponge Cake
With Marmalade sauce

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